Small Game Hunter

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An entertaining and informative account of the life 
of an entomologist.

Small Game Hunter takes the reader through many encounters with invertebrates that the author has had over the course of his career and around the globe. From a fascination with moths and light traps to chasing the elegance of damsel- and dragonflies. From his special interest with the complex world of spiders to insect farming as a future food for a growing population. But Small Game Hunter is not just about science, it also ranges accross the arts from puppet plays to opera, dance to visual art. It is a cultural and scientific kaleidoscope, but one which always has invertebrates at its focus. At a time when invertebrates around the globe are in sharp decline, this book is a rallying call to appreciate and conserve the small things that run our world.

- An entertaining and informative account of the life of an entomologist

- With amusing anecdotes about identifying and studying the behaviour of butterflies, moths, dragonflies, flies, beetles and spiders out in the field and lab - across Great Britain and abroad.

- The author addresses the importance of insects as one of our main food source in the near future.

- His additional interest is in the Arts. Combined with entomology, the outcome is the production of fantastic shows, performances and exhibitions.

- In this unique endeavour, his goal is to bring nature closer to a wider audience.

- On the way, he meets up and collaborates with celebrities, including Sir David Attenborough, Ray Mears and Nick Baker.

- Written by Peter Smithers, entomologist and ecologist at the University of Plymouth.

Softack, 184pp., 50 colour photographs, 198x 129mm

P. Smithers, Brambleby Books, April 2024

ISBN: 9781908241702

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Small Game Hunter