A Guide to the Pyralid and Crambid Moths of Britain and Ireland


UPDATED 23 April 2022

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We are delighted to announce that this long awaited field guide from Atropos Publishing is finally on its way and due for publication in late spring/early summer 2022. It represents the first comprehensive review of this popular group of moths in Britain and Ireland since Barry Goater’s British Pyralid Moths (Harley Books, 1986).


This new publication will include specimens and live photos, representing all the pyralid species to have occurred in Britain and Ireland, plus distribution maps. Critical species diagrams and identification pointers will also feature in this exciting new publication.


BUT we need your help in rounding up some additional images of live moths. If you are able to supply high resolution images of any of the following then please get in touch with the editor  We regularly update the lists below, removing species for which we are no longer seeking images.  We would like to thank the photographers who have supported us so far.


Ideally subjects should be on natural backgrounds but we accept this may not always be possible for some of the harder to find species. All photographs used in the book will be credited to the photographer in a caption alongside the image and you will be contributing to a publication that will have longevity for many years to come.




Agassiziella angulipennis Elophila diffualis Mussidia nigrivenella
Anonaepestis bengalella Elophila melagynalis Noorda moringae
Chilo auricilia Elophila obliteralis Orphanostigma haemorrhoidalis
Chilo polychrysus Euzophera costivittella Patania aegrotalis
Citripestis eutraphera Fundelaa pellucens Pramadea ovialis
Citripestis sagittiferella Herpetogramma centrostrigalis Pyralosis ocellalis
Diplopseustis perieresalis Leucinodes africensis Pyrausta chrysocarpa
Eldana saccharina Metallosticha plumbeifasciella Samea antisema



We would be pleased to receive larval photos of any of the pyralid species recorded in Britain and Ireland. Some of these are unknown and have not been photographed so the book will not be comprehensive in this respect but we’d like to include as many species as possible.



We would like images of typical habitats for the following species: 


Anania terrealis

Evergestis extimalis

Pempeliella ornatella

Anania perlucidalis

Hypochalcia ahenella

Phycita roborella

Anania stachydalis

Nascia cilialis

Pyrausta nigrata

Cadra cautella

Paratalanta hyalinalis

Scoparia ancipitella

Crambus pratella

Pediasia fascelinella

Udea decrepitalis


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