Update: 7 April 2024

A Guide to the Pyralid and Crambid Moths of Britain and Ireland

We are delighted to announce that this long awaited book is now published!  Click Here to get your copy

We are delighted to announce that this long awaited field guide from Atropos Publishing is now published. It represents the first comprehensive review of this popular group of moths in Britain and Ireland since Barry Goater’s British Pyralid Moths (Harley Books, 1986).

"Pyralid and crambid moths are amongst the most studied and readily encountered moths in the British Isles, and include some very attractive species. Whilst many are restricted in distribution within the British Isles, others are ubiquitous; they also feature prominently in migration events and occur as imports. This work represents the first comprehensive review of these moths since 1986 and brings together a wealth of knowledge about identification, distribution, flight periods and life cycle. Despite all that is known, there is much to learn and the early stages of some species have not yet been found. We hope this book will encourage greater interest and a new generation of recorders to study these fascinating moths."

This new publication will include specimens and live photos, representing all the pyralid species to have occurred in Britain and Ireland, plus distribution maps. Critical species diagrams, genitalia plates and identification pointers will also feature in this exciting new publication.


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