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Bat Boxes

We are able to offer a selection of the SCHWEGLER bat box range, below are details of the products we stock.  Due to the weight and size of the boxes, please contact us  via telephone '01326 290287' or email '' and we will provide a quotation including delivery.  Prices shown are for single boxes including VAT.


2F Bat Box (general purpose)

This general purpose bat box is readily accepted as a resting and temporary roost. The textured and spherical interior roof area allows the bats to hang. Providing accommodation for a large number of bats and offering good value for money, this bat box should be an integral part of any measures to protect these animals. The front panel can be removed for inspection and cleaning, this should only be undertaken a licensed bat handler.

Material: SCHWEGLER Wood-concrete box. Hanger: Galvanised steel
 Can be installed in a tree or on buildings, minimum height 3 to 4 metres. Ensure that a clear horizontal approach is provided for the bats. 

External Dimensions: ∅ 16cm.
Hight: 33cm.
Weight: approx. 3.8kg.
Includes: Bat box, hanger and aluminium tree-friendly nail.



2F Bat Box with Double Front Panel

The dimensions are the same as the above-named general purpose 2F Bat Box. This box has a special double front panel, with grooved wooden boards, which creates a particularly popular and readily acceptable roost for crevice-inhabiting bats, for example Nathusius’ Pipistrelle, Daubenton’s and Pipistrelle Bats.

As with the 2F general purpose model the front panel can be removed for inspection and cleaning.

Material: SCHWEGLER Wood-concrete box. Hanger: steel, galvanised
External Dimensions: ∅ 16cm.
Height: 33cm.
Weight: approx. 4.1kg.
Includes: Bat box, hanger and tree-friendly aluminium nail.



1FF Bat Box with Built-in Wooden Panel

This box has proved highly effective under practical conditions everywhere, in gardens and forests as well as on urban buildings and balconies. Thanks to the central fixing only a nail or screw is required to fix the box securely in position.  The curved recess on the rear of the box allows good and steady installation on masts or tree trunks. Thanks to its additional four support points it can also be attached securely to houses, garages and walls. The vertical and horizontal narrowing of the box makes it very suitable for all crevice-inhabiting bat species as it offers the animals optimum interior depth wherever it is hung up.

Material: SCHWEGLER Wood-Concrete. Hanger: steel, galvanised.
External Dimensions: W 27 x H 43 x D 14cm.
Entrance: 12 x 24mm.
Weight: approx. 9kg.
Includes: Box, hanger and tree-friendly aluminium nail.



1FR Bat Tube

The tube is designed as a summer roost for buidling into the external walls of buildings. Due to its small depth of 12.5cm it is also very suitable for installing in the thermal insulation. The characteristic behavioural needs of building-inhabiting bat species have been incorporated in the tube principle. A wooden panel on the inside with long-term resistance ensures that the animals can cling onto the wooden side or the opposite panel (made of breathable wood-concrete). This bat tube is maintenance-free, as the droppings can fall slowly downwards, via the special droppings chute.

Installation: Install in facades (brick-in or render-in), in concrete (for example, in bridge structures), or retrofit under weather-boarding during renovation work, etc.
Material: open-pored, breathable SCHWEGLER Wood-concrete.
Colour: 1FR is delivered in “natural grey”. It can be painted at any time with standard breathable facade paint.
Miscellaneous: If bats can get inside the building the 2FR model is recommended (see below).
Entrance: W 15 x H 9 x D 2cm.
External dimensions: W 20 x H 47.5 x D 12.5cm.
Weight: approx. 9.8kg.
Includes: 1FR Bat Tube.



2FR Bat Tube

The 2FR Bat Tube is a modified version of the 1FR Bat tube (see above). Formed by installing a row of several units side-by-side, colony roosts can be created with any size required. The individual units of the 2FR are connected by preformed passages made in the sides of the units. With three different crevice types per element and integrated passageway system as access to existing building roosts. A special feature is an optional through-passage provided in the rear of the tube. 

Installation: Install in facades (brick-in or render-in), in concrete (for example, in bridge structures), or retrofit under weather-boarding during renovation work, etc.
Material: open-pored, breathable SCHWEGLER Wood-concrete.
Colour: 1FR is delivered in “natural grey”. It can be painted at any time with standard breathable facade paint.
Entrance: W 15 x H 9 x D 2cm.
External dimensions: W 20 x H 47.5 x D 12.5cm.
Weight: approx. 9.8kg.
Includes: Single 2FR Bat Tube.



1FS Large Colony Bat Box

This type of box is readily used for forming large colonies, especially by Noctule Bats, Daubenton’s Bats and Brown Long-eared Bats. Nursery roosts with between 70 and 100 animals (including Noctule Bats) are common. Thanks to the large interior and the integrated clinging options, for large numbers of individuals, this type of box is very attractive for forming nursery roosts and for rearing young. Regular removal of the droppings is recommended in case of high occupancy figures. It is also useful for estimating the occupancy and acceptance of the box. The box is suitable as a summer and temporary roost.

Material: SCHWEGLER Wood-concrete box. Hanger: steel, galvanised.
External dimensions: ∅ 28cm.
Height: 44cm.
Weight: approx. 10kg.
Interior design: The front panel consists of triple corrugated wooden boards. On the inside of the roof there is a special clinging panel with insulated mesh, where bats find optimum clinging and clutching/clawing sites. Removable front panel for inspection and cleaning.
Includes: 1FS, hanger with mounting blocks and tree-friendly aluminium nails.



1FW Bat Hibernation Box

The Bat Hibernation Box is based on the interior of the 1FS with the triple and corrugated wooden boards as clinging option and crevice roost.With its patented double-panel system with several insulation layers, the 1FW offers unsurpassed insulation in the winter. Despite this, the breathable material and forced ventilation ensure safe hibernation of bats.

Equally suitable as a nursery roost and for colony formation in the summer. The front panel is opened without the clinging panels; these can then be removed separately after the front panel has been opened. This ensures easier handling. As this roost is also a very popular place for larger bat colonies to occupy, it is absolutely important to remove droppings from this nest box and to clean it at least once or twice a year. This makes this box an ideal colony roost ball-year round. However, the bat box should not be opened during the winter months, in order to avoid extreme temperature fluctuations in the interior.

Material: SCHWEGLER Wood-concrete box. Hanger: steel, galvanised.
Interior design: Removable crevice roost made of long-term resistant, corrugated wooden boards. There is a special clinging area inside the roof. Front panel with protection against falling out.
Installation: Optimum hanging height at least 3 metres. A clear entrance accelerates settlement success.
External dimensions: ∅ 38 cm x H 50cm.
Internal dimensions: ∅ 20 cm, H 38cm.
Weight: approx. 28kg.
Includes: 1FW, hanger, two mounting blocks, tree-friendly aluminium nails and instructions for use.


1WQ Summer & Winter Bat Roost

Thanks to the patented double-panel system, these roosts are suitable for winter. This system has been used successfully for many years in our Bat Hibernation Box 1FW for forests and woods. Together with the insulation material used, the design ensures excellent insulation properties while at the same time remaining very breathable for decades. Both roosts have been improved continuously in lengthy test series. They are self-cleaning and are therefore maintenance free. These all-year round roosts are made for safe colony and nursery roost formation in the summer and for safe winter hibernation of the animals.

Interior: Special niches are built-in inside the roost, creating a kind of labyrinth, ideally matching the needs of bats, both in the winter and in the summer.

Exterior: The top of the two-piece roost is has a visible bat silhouette on the surface. Below this is the structured approach area, which offers the animals good foothold options. The generously sized step-shaped entry area accelerates acceptance, for example, including for inexperienced young animals.
Colour and colour changes: The 1WQ is supplied with a weather-resistant, light-grey coating. If necessary, it can be adjusted using a standard breathable facade paint, for example, to match the substrate colour. Please only use breathable concrete paint, as otherwise the function of the roost can be limited.
Material: Weather resistant and breathable lightweight concrete with innovative shape so that it can be used for decades of successful nature conservation. All metal parts with which the animals come into contact are made of rustproof material.
Maintenance: Self-cleaning and therefore fully maintenance-free.
Suitable locations: Any type of buildings, regardless whether they are built from concrete, brick or timber. Also suitable in and on historical walls, road structures, industrial buildings or residential houses.
Installation: On facades 3 metres and higher, ensuring an unobstructed approach and departure.The twp-piece 1WQ roost is installed using the four screws/plugs supplied. These are designed for standard masonry and concrete walls. Use the screws without plugs for installation on wooden walls/beams. The bottom section is screwed onto the wall first and is then closed off with the top section (with the Bat silhouette). This means that the mounting screws are no longer visible later.

Note: Please check the suitability of the fixings provided on site, as particular building materials may need other screw/plug combinations.
Dimensions: W 38 x H 58 x D 12cm.
Weight: approx. 22kg.



1FE Bat Access Panel

This is a maintenance-free access panel for installing on or in the surface of exterior walls. The open rear enables bats to continue to use existing nesting sites in walls. Bats prefer to remain in familiar nesting places and their survival can be supported by retaining their sites within walls. The 1FE is especially suitable for use during conversions, renovations or insulation work on older types of buildings and historic buildings. Installation of multiple units is recommended.

Positioning: Its depth of just 8cm allows easy integration into insulation or masonry. If necessary it can also be attached to the underlying structure using screws and plugs and two eyes. Install at least 3 metres above the ground, ensuring unobstructed access for bats. Suitable for  species that inhabit buildings.

Attachment height: 3m and higher. Please ensure unobstructed approach and departure.
Occupants: Building-inhabiting bat species.
Material: SCHWEGLER wood-concrete.
External dimensions: W 30 x H 30 x D 8cm.
Weight: approx. 5.1kg.
Includes: Entry cover without fixing material.



1FE Optional Back Plate for 1FE

If access to an existing rosting site is not required, the 1FE can be fitted with an optional back plate, which includes an attached wooden panel to create a cavity wall inside the box. The roughened surfaces of the plate, and the inside of the 1FE itself, are very attractive to bats.

Installation of the complete box is easy: For example, it can be screwed to a wall or fixed within insulation.
External dimensions: 1FE with Back Plate: W 30 x H 30 x D 10cm.
Weight: 2.9kg (back plate only).