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Atropos Migration Review 2017

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Atropos Migration Review 2017

Reports from Coastal Stations

Rare Immigrant Moths Review

Migrant Dragonflies in 2017

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2017 was a truly exceptional year for insect migration. Arrivals included exceptional numbers of Tamarisk Peacock, Beautiful Marbled, Small Marbled, Dark Crimson Underwing Catocala sponsa, Light Crimson Underwing C. promissa and Druid Aedia funesta. There was also the first strong evidence that three previously scarce immigrants—Catoptria verellus, Dusky Hook-tip and Ringed Border—were now colonising our shores. There were two additions to the British macrolepidoptera list: Landguard Ochre Amphipyra effusa and Green Drab Ophiusa tirhaca. The year also included major influxes of Red-veined Darter Sympetrum fonscolombii, Lesser Emperor Anax parthenope, and Vagrant Emperor Anax ephippiger, plus the eighth British record of Scarlet Darter Crocothemis erythraea in Hampshire.

Atropos, 2018

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