British Damselflies DVD (all regions)

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A DVD Guide to the Damselflies of Britain and Ireland with an Introduction to both Dragonflies and Damselflies.
This DVD starts with an Introduction offering tips on how to use it and explaining the natural history of both dragonflies and damselflies with particular reference to their anatomy, predators, life cycle, behaviour and habitats. Concentrating on damselflies the DVD has short film on each species which is usually divided into four parts:

an introduction to the species.

male identification.

female identification.

breeding behaviour.

Habitat views are included along with graphics showing distribution and flight seasons. Similar damselfly species are compared. In addition, all the species in some family groups (eg. Emerald Damselflies) are compared side by side.

The running time for the Introduction is approximately 60 minutes and the running time for the Damselfly Species Films is approximately 90 minutes. 19 of the 20 breeding British species are described plus the only vagrant and a couple of potential visitors. The recently rediscovered Dainty Damselfly is included on the Dragonfly DVD although it is extremely rare and local.

DVD, SD quality at 4:3 ratio, run time 150 minutes approx

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British Damselflies DVD (all regions)