Guide to the Dragonflies of UK and Ireland DVD Guide to the Dragonflies of UK and Ireland DVD

The Guide to the Dragonflies of UK and Ireland covers every species of Damselfly and Dragonfly to have occurred within the UK and Ireland as well potential future vagrants and colonists. 69 species are covered in detail with Distribution and flight periods provided by the British Dragonfly Society Atlas Project. Each species has multiple footage of Male, Female and often immature individuals. Each individual species account ends with a summary of the key identification features and comparison scenes with similar confusion species. Footage of two extra species is also added to ensure completeness. These are Oriental Scarlet Darter and Violet Dropwing. The former once emerged from a fish tank and the latter is rapidly expanding it's Mediterranean range up into France.

This makes this the most comprehensive DVD on UK Dragonflies produced to date

A donation will be made to the British Dragonfly Society for every DVD sold and support UK Dragonfly conservation.

DVD 3 DVD Set (Includes VAT @ 20%)

P.Hopkins, P.Hopkins, 2016