Guide to the Dragonflies and Damselflies of Ireland Guide to the Dragonflies and Damselflies of Ireland

This exquisite publication sets a high standard in the Odonata field guides published in the British Isles. Covering all 32 of the dragonfly and damselfly species recorded in Ireland, it combines the artwork of Richard Lewington (complete with pointers to salient identification features) and the photography of Robert Thompson, who need no introduction and are masters of their respective arts. This combination of high quality artwork and photography is given maximum effect by the spacious lay-out which allows several pages per species, allowing full page photographic spreads and large illustrations. Each species account includes information on similar species, habitat, distribution and status. Also contains a useful map showing county boundaries and a list of public access sites for Irish Odonates, listing the grid reference and species occurring there. Containing the very latest distributional information this book will be essential for recorders living in Ireland and visitors alike. Whilst inevitably it does not include the full range of species found within the British Isles, it is nevertheless a very useful identification work for use outside Ireland.

Hardback 136 pp, 110 col. photos, 76 col. Illustrations

R. Thompson & B. Nelson, National Museums Northern Ireland, 2014