Dragonflight- in Search of Britainís Dragonflies and Damselflies Dragonflight- in Search of Britain’s Dragonflies and Damselflies

This book is an account of two years spent getting to know Britain's most dazzling and enigmatic insects - the dragonflies and damselflies. The quest to find, photograph, watch and learn about these insects took the author on a tour of diverse and lovely wetlands up and down Britain, from the rugged wild peat bogs of north-west Scotland to the languid meanders of the Oxfordshire Thames. The account describes close encounters with the dragonflies and damselflies themselves, set against backdrops of rich and vital habitats teeming with a range of other wildlife. It is also packed with background detail on dragonfly and damselfly natural history, and wetland ecology in general.

Hardback 256pp, 8 col plates, b & w line drawings

M. Taylor, Bloomsbury, 2013